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The method used traditionally in asphalt repairs involves cutting out the damaged area, having hot mixed asphalt trucked in, spreading the new asphalt and then compacting it. This is a time consuming, labour-intensive method that can disrupt traffic patterns considerably.


With the infrared method, the damaged area is heated in place. Once soft and pliable new asphalt is blended into the old and in most cases none of the existing asphalt is lost. This means a typical repair can be made in minutes, rather than the hours required by traditional methods. This also allows traffic flow to resume in as little as one hour.


The speed of repair is not the only major advantage to our method. Infrared repairs are almost undetectable and produce a seamless finish. This is beneficial not only aesthetically but it also creates a strong bond which has no seams for water and ice to penetrate. This enhanced method allows longer lasting repairs and is why we offer a 5 year guarantee on all of our repairs.





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